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NSIS strExplode

NSIS Library used to split a string into an array based on a separator character.

For more information on NSIS please see http://nsis.sourceforge.net

Expected Warnings

The following warning may be thrown by the NSIS compiler and can be ignored

Warning 1  FIXME
Warning 2 un.  FIXME



strExplode Length Separator String

Parameter Type Description
Length int return array count
Separator char character used to split the string
String string string you want split into array

Example 1 - Known count of elements returned:

!include strExplode.nsh
strExplode $0 '.' '4.7.1'
${If} $0 == 3
  Pop $1
  Pop $2
  Pop $3
  DetailPrint "First Part: $1"
  DetailPrint "Sectond Part: $2"
  DetailPrint "Third Part: $3"

Example 2 - Unknown count of elements returned:

!include strExplode.nsh
strExplode $0 '.' '4.7.1'
  Pop $1
  ${If} ${Errors}
    ;All Parts have been popped
    DetailPrint "Part Value: $1"