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Desktop tickets all generaly do the same thing; they take an RSS feed and scroll the artical titles across the bottom or top of the screen. Most of these will run into overlay issued which this tool nicely solves with its docking capability. When docked you will not need to worry about full screen applications being partially hidden under the ticker. This is expecially helpful if your planning to run this on an employee information screen with everything full screened.

Password for this password for that. I have so many that it is litterally impossible to keep track of. Do you write them down? Store them in an excel document? Use the same credientials accross multiple websites? What happens when one website is compromised? To protect against all of this many are turning to password vaults to allow a unique username and password per website. Now comes the question of which vault to use and why. My colleges and I often time debate on what tool is best. Do you choose a cloud hosted solutions because it provies ease of use and doesnt lock you to any specific device? This tends to lead you to more issues of uncertanties. Do you have any way of validating that they do what they claim? What level of access do employees have? I have found KeePass 2.0 to be the best option to date for balancing my security concerns and desire to avoid complicating or slowing down my work stream.

Packaging for easy deployment is often my least favorate task to deal with. The tools are either super easy to use with next to no capabilities or super complicated with the ability to do almost anything you can think of. NSIS is neither simple or excessively complex. It is unfortanately still a text/code based packager but the scripting can be done in a fairly simple way. On the plus side it easier than WIX and can be hooked into your build process so that once its designed your good to go.